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Polyamory: The Practice of or Desire to have intimate relationships with one or more partners, with informed consent of all parties invloved

Polyamory is an urban love Saga  Premeiring in October 2020.  Author Trinity B has choosen to make her Literary Debut by presenting the world with an Atypical love story unlike anyone ever told before. This book series is sure to keep you just as intrigued as your favorite Tv Drama series, while at the same time challenging you to think of  releationships on a whole other level..



    If anyone had told me when I left home that a few years later I would be flying back to meet up with my Man’s girlfriend, so that we could go to his soon to be baby mamas house, to talk him into leaving her for US, I would have told them they had lost their mind. Yet here I am, on a flight home to Missouri, to try and make the best of this “entanglement” I’ve found myself thrown into.

   Hold on a minute though, before you open your mouth to judge, let me tell you how I got here……………

Polyamory Book 1